Box 1971 is an Authorized trainer for:

Firehouse Innovations Corporation

Firehouse Innovations Corporation

Firehouse Innovations Corporation

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With over 1600 doors in use, Box 1971 is proudly endorsed by Firehouse Innovations Corporation.  Box 1971 utilizes 2- Multi force doors and the Fire House Innovations Corporation Crush Door prop for trainings.  

FireHooks Unlimited

Firehouse Innovations Corporation

Firehouse Innovations Corporation

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If you have a pro bar, or a Maxximus tool, it came from FHU.  Box 1971 is proudly endorsed by and is a vendor for FHU.  Box 1971 does not mark up tools, as it is our belief we want fireman to have access to the proper tools.  

In Their Words

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What those who have taken some of our classes have said:

Smoke & Fire Behavior

"The Smoke and Fire Behavior class really did offer a lot of great information.  The classroom as well as the practical evolutions that drove everything home learned in a safe and cost efficient package.  Be safe and thanks again."

Chief Sleurs S.F.D.

"I highly recommend the smoke and Fire Behavior class.  Phenomenal class taught by 3 outstanding instructors from Box 1971."

Capt. Graves


"The best fire behavior training I have ever participated in!!"

Capt. Ray

FDIC Presenter

Forcible Entry

"Forcible Entry is an art, and becoming a lost art. In a very well instructed, rapid paced class these fu@k!ng guys showed us how to effectively and efficiently use our readily available forcible entry tools.  I highly recommended to guys who want to perfect the craft."

Senior Fireman/Paramedic Lee B.F.D.

"Best forcible entry class, EVER.  Totally exceeded 

my and my agency's expectations."

Anonymous Survey Firemanship Day-Stovall

"Excel-fu@kin-lent class (Forcible Entry)."

Fireman R. Hale M.V.F.D.

Firemanship Days

"I feel officer Sh!t was the most down to earth and honest leadership class I have ever taken."  

Anonymous Survey  Firemanship Day- Stovall

"We are very thankful for Box 1971 for coming out and providing this high quality

training to us." 

Chief Dwiggins C.L.F.D- Firemanship Day

"Wonderful.  Surprised that even though I am

a woman, the instructors, did not treat me any 

differently or think that I couldn't do anything.

Highly recommended."

B. Perkins S.V.F.D.

"Awesome training.  Great group of instructors."

Fireman High C.G.F.D.

More from others:

"The Smoke and Fire Behavior class is taught by instructors with many years of experience and knowledge that is only seen in the streets and real life situations.  In this class you hear about real live fire and smoke behavior, that cannot be learned in text books.  Then you actually see it first hand.  I would highly recommend that if you have a chance to get training with Box 1971, that you do."

Chief Sullivan W.A.F.D.

"Teaches guys fire dynamics, and fire behavior without truly endangering them.  The money spent is well worth it.  You showed me things in my 15 year career that I have may have never seen."

Lieutenant D.E. Thompson G.V.F.D.

"My Firemen and myself found the Smoke and Fire Behavior class very informative.  I as the Chief, have been in the Fire Service for 20 years and gained knowledge from the presentation.  The class supplies you with a lot of up to date information that is useful and well worth the cost of the class.  You will surely get your money's worth."  

Chief Elliott M.C.V.F.D.

"Great classes, the guys loved it."

Chief Early W.F.F.D